Our Intentions

Love The Artistry's hand crafted BAE bath bombs and bath salts nurtures you in your self love rituals. Bath time is a sacred experience to us all. It has been described by some as "me time" - a time to cleanse, a time to relax, a time to pray and or play. My holistic approach, natural ingredients coupled with intentions of love for my crafts are the nuts and bolts of my bath and body products. Indulge in your bath time. Submerse yourself in more than just water...immerse yourself in the "milk and honey" of the best nature has to offer.

Meet the Maker


The Creator

Hey Beautiful Soul! Super honored that you are taking time out to visit my store in this big virtual world. Since my first day in business, Love the Artistry has been offering customers the best selection of quality products infused with LOVE. 

As I venture on this journey I hope to add more products sharing more of my LOVE of the creative process. I would love to hear from you you! Give me a call, shoot an email or tag me in something cool on Instagram or Facebook. 

Until then big LOVE and bright LIGHT to you!

With Love &  Gratitude,


P.S. If no one told you today, "You are LOVED beyond measure!"

I wanted to praise your Inhalation Bomb (Just Breathe Steamers). I could smell what my neighbors were cooking and when they did laundry for 2 days!!!

Gretel M.
LOVEly Customer